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An Infamous Inhibition

Documents of an unfolding crisis THE Inhibition of the Chairman of Forward in Faith North America is without doubt the most important event in the current battle between American Traditionalists and the revisionist hierarchy in that Church. This archive chronicles [...]

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Stephen Trott revisits an old chestnut Talk of disestablishment is suddenly reaching fever pitch in some quarters, with Bishop Mark Santer becoming perhaps the first diocesan bishop since Hensley Henson to call for the separation of Church and State. Disestablishment [...]

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Marriage and Divorce

Martyn Jarrett places the issues in a pastoral context One strong memory from my days at theological college is that of the formidable but also insightful lady who bravely sought to improve our elocution skills. On one occasion she was [...]

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Readers who have been following events in the Episcopal Church of the United States will not be surprised by the inhibition of Fr David Moyer (see pages six and seven). It was only a matter of time before the revisionist [...]

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