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The Church is the Place of Resurrection ‘Today you will be with me in paradise’. The Church is the world in process of transfiguration, the world that in Christ reflects the light of paradise. This paradisal presence is Christ himself, [...]

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Andrew Burnham concludes that the time may have come. THE TRUMPETING of the need for a Free Province or a Third Province has generated considerable anxiety in the Church of England. Understandably there are those, with a truly liberal outlook, [...]

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An Anatomy of Error IV

The Equality of Love Speakers in the debate on women bishops at a recent meeting of the Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds pressed the matter, according to the Church of England Newspaper because it was seen [...]

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Eyeless in Gaza

Patrick Henry Reardon on the story of Samson As a life-long Nazirite, Samson was supposed to live a completely consecrated existence, an undistracted life, singular of intent, pure in purpose. That was, at least, the plan. The biblical noun ‘Nazirite,’ [...]

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The Kettle the Saucepan

Those who wish to rescind the 1993 Episcopal Ministry Act of Synod (one which received overwhelming majorities in all three Houses at the time) are now, quite disingenuously, deploying the argument that the Provincial Episcopal Visitors, because they are in [...]

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New Horizons

Serving Evangelicals and Catholics seeking to renew the Church in the historic faith. Headline on New Directions cover It was always the intention of Forward in Faith and Cost of Conscience to involve readers, writers and thinkers from a wide [...]

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To Live in Community The real reason for a Community of Religious is that God has called them. This call has two choices, either to work in the world or to leave all and enter a community. Whatever is chosen [...]

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Open to Question?

John Richardson continues his exploration of Rowan Williams' theology The Church of England has managed its affairs for almost a century now with scarcely any regulation of the range of theologies it contains — theologies which are sometimes not merely [...]

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