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Faith of our Fathers

The Church is resurrection life Ecclesial Living Baptism restores to us Eden’s lost paradise. In the Bread of Life, the food of resurrection, God comes to us. It is the presence in the world of ‘saving life’. Everything has to [...]

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For Christ’s Sake

Robbie Low on Tinseltown theology, news, Jews and film reviews About 20 years ago, when I was still in secular employment and in London, I saw a poster on the underground railway for a film on the life of Mohammed. [...]

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Steady as you go As the Church of England moves towards the formal debate about women in the episcopate there are a number of options for the way forward. This month we examine perhaps the least radical of those options: [...]

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Coffee Praise

Common Prayer went out decades ago. While variety is said to be a virtue, many have lamented the fact that when you walk into the CofE nowadays you have no idea what to expect until it happens. The notice-board helps; [...]

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Saving Victim

Patrick Henry Reardon on the High Priestly ministry of the Saviour Everything that the Son of God did – his assumption of our flesh, his suffering and death, and his resurrection from the grave – all of it was ‘for [...]

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What is Truth?

Ann Gardom on an exhibition which asks ultimate questions. Most people do not think of the Pre-Raphaelites as landscape painters. We tend to think of swan-necked exotic women or elaborate medieval narrative paintings when we hear the term Pre-Raphaelite. This [...]

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Ten years after

IF you were to put on a service to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Act of Synod, you would expect the church to be full of women priests. For, after all, if there had been no Act of Synod, [...]

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Anglican Identities

Arthur Middleton looks at the Anglican Communion as Church ‘…they are particular or national Churches, and, as such, promote within each of their territories a national expression of Christian faith, life and worship; and are bound together not by a [...]

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Thomas Erastus (1524–83) was a Swiss theologian who shared with the great Grotius the opinion that the Church should be subject to the State. He was a considerable influence on Richard Hooker. And not only on Hooker, it seems. Erastus [...]

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The Eternal Cross The so-called ‘cry of dereliction’ from the cross, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me’, is well-known and has long evoked comment from believer and unbeliever alike. Why should Jesus feel forsaken? Was this a [...]

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