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Sacred vision

ST ALABAN'S PSALTER No apology is necessary for sharing another picture from The St Alban’s Psalter (Edited by Jane Geddes, published by British Library at £25; reviewed last month). Its sequence of forty full-page illustrations of the life of Christ, [...]

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the way we live now

The overthrow of personal responsibility Geoffrey Kirk on American musicals and Bishops Admirers of the lyrics of Stephen Sondheim will remember Sergeant Krupke, the ineffectual beat police officer in West Side Story. Krupke is old style NYPD, before jerky camera [...]

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The lost art of contentment A Rempstone Sister It is hard sometimes to be at peace in our faith, glad to be who and where we are, and sure of who God is, and of his love for us. It [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Adoration Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House We adore thee O Christ and we bless thee!’ God willing, a deeper and more loving adoration of Christ should be the outcome of our Lenten Disciplines and of our [...]

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Saints alive

Alan Edwards ruminates on the global warming advantages of celebrating our national saints' days in the spring It is surely proof of the now sadly unfashionable Victorian belief that these islands are singularly blessed that three of our four patron [...]

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Lobster-pot mission

How can a town-centre church attract those who regularly pass it by? Michael Fisher describes on church's strategy – open doors, and an innovative project which aims to illuminate faith as well as history Last summer, as I watched fishing [...]

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Magdalen Apostola?

Mark Stevens acknowledges Mary Magdalen as one of the saints of the church but finds the use being mad of her as one of the principal pretexts for women's ordination both silly and unbibilcal We know very little about Mary [...]

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This is my body

Anthony Howe considers the supposed Marian argument for women priests and shows how it can only undermine the very doctrine it appeals to There are, it is said, clear parallels between the role of Mary and the role of the [...]

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Long live the revolution

Jonathan Mansel argues the merits of a counter cultural ethos A point people often make is that the existence of Forward in Faith, has galvanized and rejuvenated the Catholic movement in the Church of England such as has not been [...]

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Unity fears

John Shepley heard the words of Cardinal Walter Kaspar and can only weep that the warning should go unheede. Ecumenism has always been, for Anglicans, more introvert than extrovert, less about relations with other churches than about the search for [...]

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