/April 2006 Articles

Creating hostility

Misguided attempts to standardize opinions in the Church of England in the nineties damaged the Church's relationship with the media. George Austin recounts how valuable opportunities were wasted Ten years ago, religion still played a considerable part in the timetable [...]

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Is God reliable?

Is God reliable? What a silly question, you may think. Well, just think a bit harder. When I rely upon someone it means that my experience leads me to anticipate that they will behave in a certain way. I rely [...]

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Excusing oneself

Excusing oneself of sins and failings is a dangerous activity for the clergy. It may compromise the very Gospel of forgiveness one seeks to preach. The Editor was not impressed by the communiqué from Bishop Gene Robinson I apologize for [...]

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February’s major General Synod debate, opened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, on the way forward over women bishops following the suggestions of the Guildford Report, proved more gracious and generous to opponents than most people expected. Robert Key, the MP [...]

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