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HOGARTH Tate Britain 7 February - 29 April Admission £10; concessions £8 The exhibition of Hogarth's paintings and engravings at Tate Britain gives us a comprehensive view of his work. He was by far the most influential artist working in [...]

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Australia Keeping faith By the Right Revd Ross Davies, Bishop of The Murray Ross Davies was consecrated and enthroned as Bishop of The Murray in the Province of South Australia in March 2002. He is well known in the UK [...]

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letters to the editor

Church as communion From the Bishop of Guildford I was grateful to Fr Ernest Skublics for his excellent, though succinct, article on ecclesiology [ND Feb]. He is absolutely right in drawing attention to the danger of immediately applying the notion [...]

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Forward in Faith update

Structural Review Last October, as you'll recall, delegates to the 13th Forward in Faith National Assembly, at the Emmanuel Centre, Mar-sham Street, agreed a resolution, 2006/01, which was moved by Fr Martin Hislop, on behalf of the Southwark Area Assembly, [...]

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Pass the bucket Many thanks to the strong-stomached 30DAYS reader who spotted this gem in Signs of the Times - the journal of the Modern Churchpeople's Union. Reporting on the investiture of KJS as Presiding Bishop of TEC, the Bishop [...]

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Touching Place

Upon its consecration in 1874, the Church Times described St Mary's as 'an excellent specimen of an inexpensive church,' and, indeed, the exterior of this redbrick essay in the lancet style is unpromising, perhaps like the work of James Brooks [...]

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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk has been reading the story about stories and wonders why so little of it is applied to the Bible In a weighty volume of seven hundred and twenty-eight pages, which took thirty-four years to write, Christopher Booker claims [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on John Woolton's 'The Christian Manuel I' Anglican devotional writing goes back to John Woolton's The Christian Manuell of 1576. An opponent of Puritanism he was consecrated Bishop of Exeter in 1579. He suffered from asthma and when [...]

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Sacred vision

Noli me tangere The Noli me tangere in cell 1 of the Convent of San Marco is remarkable among all the frescoes for its love of detail. Was it, perhaps, the work of a hand other than Fra Angelico's? It [...]

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Personal revelation

We must never forget the person of Jesus in the work of revelation. Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity The teaching of Jesus was inseparable from his person. In the gospel we [...]

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