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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on continuity in the episcopal office Jeremy Taylor, in Episcopacy Asserted, is dogmatic in his assertions, and definite and clear- cut in his conclusions. He defends the episcopal office, when episcopacy had become controversial. For Taylor, ‘episcopacy relies, [...]

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A Shrine Restored

The wonders of St Davids Cathedral On the 1st of March the newly restored Shrine of St David was dedicated in a packed St Davids Cathedral. The Icons shown here were written by a local artist Sara Crisp. Speaking about [...]

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Newman the Calvinist

Denis Desert argues that Calvinism provided the young Newman with a authoritative base for his faith and may have had a lifelong influence on him Newman’s Christian formation came from the strong Calvinistic base fostered by his mother Jemima Fourdrinier, [...]

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Holy Faith

Stella Pendleton on a new catechetical resource for Anglican Catholics ‘Faith of our Fathers! Holy Faith! We will be true to thee till death.’ hese stirring words of Faber’s hymn were the inspiration for the name of a new website [...]

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views, reviews and previews

DAVID HOCKNEY R.A. A Bigger Picture Royal Academy 21 January–9 April 2012 Admission £14, concessions available AND NOT just a bigger picture, but a loud and colourful picture too. And one which has been brought to us reverentially by the [...]

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An Anglo-Catholic future

Writing from The Episcopal Church John D. Alexander and Phoebe Pettingell conclude their discussion of possible futures for Anglo-Catholics The Anglo-Catholic role often entails distinct challenges. At certain periods, the church comes under pressure from the secular culture to accommodate [...]

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St George

Saint George was martyred under Diocletian early in the fourth century; within a century, churches were being dedicated to him. The legend of Saint George sprang up much later: a city in Libya had been feeding a rapacious dragon with [...]

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