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A lost opportunity

Martin Hislop takes issue with the distribution and communication of the recent Pastoral Letter from the House of Bishops In Faith in the Public Square, his last book as archbishop, Rowan Williams calls the Church a `political seminar ... God [...]

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The White Rose

J. Alan Smith considers issues of legitimate authority and state power One of the important messages proclaimed by our civilization is that there is a distinction to be made between authority and power. Those who possess the one do not [...]

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Catholic Love

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet preaches at the Licensing of Fr Jones Mutemwakwenda as Priest in Charge of All Hallows, Easton (Bristol) Fr Jones Chibuye Mutemwakwenda was born and ordained in Zambia. He was formerly Archdeacon, Diocesan Administrator and Vicar General [...]

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The new agenda

Nicholas Turner explains one initiative that takes us beyond women bishops For years, at FiF assemblies and in the pages of New Directions, we have expressed the desire to get off the battlefield and onto the mission field. Now, despite [...]

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