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March Diary

Thurifer is edging into the light   The walk from the leafy corner of my leafy suburb to the Underground Station is fewer than five minutes. In that distance, eight shop and business closed during the pandemic, from about two [...]

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It’s the village familiar from the 1950s British Railways poster – horses by the watersplash, with the church at the top of the hill in the background (1). This image travelled all over the country; as Pevsner says, Kersey is [...]

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From the archives

In September 2008 Geoffrey Kirk looked at the link between Christianity and the eight Millennium Development Goals   The real trouble about the set your patient is living in,’ wrote Screwtape to Wormwood, ‘is that it is merely Christian. They all have individual [...]

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From the archives

As we approach the 300th edition of New Directions  we offer a selection of articles from the archives   In this 200th edition of New Directions we asked past editors to look back over 200 editions    Sara Low (Editor, 1992 until 2005) [...]

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It’s a sin

Edward Dowler examines the impact of this important television series   Russel T. Davies’s recent five-part Channel Four series It’s a Sin is one of the most powerful, poignant and involving TV dramas I have ever seen.  Perhaps betraying a [...]

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The Journal of Record

William Davage reflects on the ups and downs of writing for New Directions as we approach our 300th edition   Although I did not contribute to the first edition of this magazine, I did purchase the first issue. It required [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

How important is church? Andy Hawes    Priest friends are divided in predicting the effect of Corona Virus on church life. One view is that church going, being such a hard habit to establish for many people, will stop altogether [...]

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The Empty Tomb

John Twisleton examines the mystery of the Resurrection   There is no proof of Christ’s resurrection, only strong evidence. That is the case for any past event. Belief in the resurrection of Jesus stems from the faith of the church [...]

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