/August 2006 Articles

Self and sacrifice

Paul Griffin muses on a remembered example of heroism and on the philosophical nature of our selfishness Long years ago, someone called Richard Harries wrote an article in The Church Times saying that the Self was much maligned: we should [...]

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The last rites?

George Austin reflects on the July motions in the light of the many peculiarities and idiosyncrasies of General Synod process that have grown up over the past several decade At Trinity this year I celebrated 50 years in the priesthood, [...]

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True Coversion

Your car will know you are converted. I said ‘car,’ not ‘cat’ – since somebody once made the point about your dog: Fido will notice your conversion. I write as an ex-motorist, chronic pedestrian and lover of public transport, the [...]

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Theological argument

The Bishop of Lincoln, the Rt Revd John Saxbee considers hat it is that makes an argument theological and what criteria we should use to weigh the arguments of others This is a crucial question, as the debate about women [...]

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Amendments in chief

Mark Stevens takes apart the three amendments that were passed in July Synod's second motion to see how far they have hijacked the main motion and how far they fulfil the intentions of the proposers There were, as everyone now [...]

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Consonant or no?

The Rt Revd Wallace Benn gives a quick sketch of the scriptural argument against women bishops and suggest that it is a theological understanding too often abused or dismissed but not often adequately answered I am writing this article on [...]

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When, at its last session in February, General Synod voted by 348 votes to 1 for further exploration of the TEA proposal (‘transferred episcopal arrangements’) it was generally assumed that this would be to make it work more fully. When [...]

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