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Love in the family

Nicholas Turner is conscious of our responsibilities What a great article that was last month from Fr Grant Naylor, recounting his visit to the Diocese of Kofuidua in Ghana. Seven orthodox Anglican dioceses in that country, no doubt with many [...]

Taking Mary home

Mother Mary Luke CHC reflects on how we must, like the beloved disciple, take Mary into our own homes When Bishop Lindsay wrote and invited me to preach today my first thought was, 'What on earth can I say about [...]

One nation once again

J. Alan Smith identifies areas where the UK is at risk of breaking into two or more hostile groups `Two nations; between whom there is no intercourse and no sympathy; who are as ignorant of each other's habits, thoughts and [...]


A small Norfolk village church maybe, but study the wills of early 16th c. villagers, and Fritton church comes alive. On the very eve of the Reformation, the people were showing their commitment both to their community and to the [...]

With you always

There are different kinds of poverty and they require different solutions, writes Digby Anderson Do you wish to know whether a particular bishop is serious and sincere or up to no good? Here is a little test. It may not [...]

Fanning the flame

Michael Bailey on a mission initiative that aims to give renewed confidence and hope to parishes Fan the Flame is a week of teaching and renewal. St Paul writes to Timothy encouraging him in his ministry. All of us from [...]

Free to choose?

The campaign to legalize euthanasia is driven by a lack of respect for the sanctity of human life, writes Janet Backman When I was at university, I avoided abortion like the plague. Perhaps I should rephrase that: I avoided campaigns [...]

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