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CONSTABLE The Making of a Master Victoria and Albert Museum 20 September 2014–11 January 2015 Admission £14, concessions available This show is about how Constable mixed his innovative direct observation of nature with the great tradition of landscape painting. It [...]

Living over the shop

Deep into southern Warwickshire, Warmington’s ironstone church is on the edge of a hill overlooking the village – Edgehill, in fact. It is another hilltop church dedicated in honour of St Michael. Its core is 12th century but most of [...]

Change and decay in the USA

Colin Podmore examines the latest statistics published by The Episcopal Church (USA) These days, the publication of annual statistics rarely gives much joy to any mainstream church. The 16% fall in average Sunday attendance in our own church between 2003 [...]

The importance of words

Nicholas Turner on some of the weirder elements of the Marriage Act regulations coming into force on 10 December It is one of the scandals of post-1997 parliamentary democracy that bills can be debated, passed and enacted before they have [...]

Urban ministry

Simon Morris explains the particular challenges faced by churches in the city 014 I want to tell you what happened one day as I was putting on a chasuble to say Mass. There was a loud crash. I decided to [...]

Four eventful years

As he steps down from the role, the Bishop of Fulham reflects on his time as Chairman of Forward in Faith National Assembly 2014 The Clerical Vice-Chairman of Forward in Faith, Fr Ross Northing, expressed the thanks of the Assembly [...]

Here I Am

The effects of new vocations initiatives are encouraging, but this is just the beginning, writes Darren Smith he Church Times reported on 7 February that there were ‘Not enough boots on the ground’. This headline was generated in response to [...]

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