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Letters to the Editor

From Mr Febrin LePadden My Lord– I've just finished reading through the latest [October 20151 issue of New Directions, with interest and real appreciation as always. I've been receiving the magazine for several years now and it's high time I [...]

Adoremus in Aeternum

Nicholas Stebbing on Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament Benediction is a beautiful word. It means a blessing, a greeting, an expression of kindness. That is what Jesus gives us today. And Jesus gives it because God gives it. God gave [...]

A Recovery of Love

In the second part of his address to a gathering at St Martin’s, Salisbury, Colin Podmore reflects on the ‘shared future’ to which the Church of England has committed itself. Disparities of power In the first part of my address [...]

Give us this Bread always

The Bishop of Burnley on reclaiming Catholic evangelism: Part 2 Catholic evangelism is first and foremost sacramental. But if we agree on that premise, it then has a profound impact on our approaches to evangelism and our understanding of what [...]

A healthy place to be

Lord Williams of Oystermouth on Laudato Si’: Part 2 Because of the eagerness of some commentators to stir the pot of controversy over the causes of climate change, this appeal for cultural revolution has been pushed to one side in [...]

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