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Leslie Chadd tries out a new image for the 'foolishness of God' Please forgive the personal note, but 1 must begin with my Damascus Road-type revelation. One evening, a few years ago, I was mopping up a few free radicals [...]


David Hope preached at the episcopal ordination of David Thomas and found in the Celtic past a model for the Anglican future ALL THIS IS FROM GOD, who through Christ .... gave us the ministry of reconciliation" (2 Cor:5.18) The [...]


THE TRIUMPH OF OPTIMISM OVER EXPERIENCE David Mills, our American correspondent, argues that theology has logic WHILE IN ENGLAND last September for the meeting of Forward in Faith, a few people told me, quite serenely, that what has happened in [...]


Edwin Barnes reflects upon a journey through the USA and Canada in search of real Anglicans and the politically incorrect IF YOU COULD ONLY get a recorded message from my phone in November. this is to explain why. What struck [...]

Comment: February 1997

IF PROFESSOR SCHUMACHER is right and small is indeed beautiful, then the autonomous province of the Anglican Communion over which Richard Holloway presides is exquisite. The Provincial Office in Edinburgh boasts 54,382 members of whom 33,795 have `communicant status'. But [...]


LAWDY LAWDY Richard Harries, the much-loved Lord Bishop of Oxford, has been given a life peerage by the Tory government. As this is to run concurrently with his Episcopal lordship, until his retirement, he is now known to his traditionalist [...]

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