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Ghostly Counsel

Valentine blues Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House As a parish priest I have had my fair share of people who self-diagnose that the problem in their relationship (often marriage) is that they are 'falling out of [...]

Conforming greed

Digby Anderson has been listening to the bishops and also finds a great deal to lambaste and condemn Greed seems to be the favourite explanation for the economic crisis among liberal bishops. As expected, they have denounced bankers and the [...]

Melchizedek again

The Rt Revd Colin Buchanan replies to earlier writers and questions their undue enthusiasm for Melchizedek and the use made of his embodiment of the priesthood I last addressed ND when a woman contributor stated she had finally discovered that [...]

All is change

Paul Griffin on the subtle embracing of change It is only in one sense that we can call ourselves traditionalists. Whatever our faith, we live in the material world, and the material world is in a perpetual state of flux. [...]

Woe to indabblers

Julian Mann on the practical implications of indaba and the problems with its underlying core of niceness Indaba, having been introduced by the Archbishop of Canterbury as an exotic way of avoiding unpleasant confrontation at the Lambeth Conference, has been [...]

The weeds of atheism

Francis Gardom discovers that the intellectual influence of atheism from the late seventeenth century to our own day has had its effect on the divisions that afflict even the faithful Some books provide an eye-opening experience of Truth. For me, [...]

GAFCON and division

The Rt Revd Paul Hewett SSC reports on the discussions at GAFCON and the ongoing importance of the women's ordination issue, and emphasizes the need for a study of this subject to be undertaken Archbishop Peter Akinola called the Global [...]

Latin’s revival

'I wish we could go back fifty years,' said the RC priest on the Today programme. Not another recruit for the Society of St Pius X, but the Vatican's Latin translator mourning the declining use of Latin in papal speeches. [...]

Bishops v government

George Austin looks at the relationship between politics and the Church of England in the light of some bishops' recent criticisms of the Labour government's economic policy It is perhaps only fair that I should begin this article with a [...]

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