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Church and State

Anthony Kilmister on recent discussions about possible changes to the laws of succession and the effect it might have on the Church of England The probability of a revision of the laws governing succession to the throne have made me [...]

The persistence of memory

In the first of a series of articles John D. Alexander and Phoebe Pettingell examine why traditional Anglo-Catholicism will abide Is traditional Anglo-Catholicism a thing of the past? Many people today seem to fear or hope so. In recent years, [...]


Digby Anderson on the disobedience that characterizes continuing churches, and whether these churches can succeed in the long term How good are continuing churches at continuing? Do they have a future? The questions are germane since one possibility for Anglo-Catholics [...]

Christian projects

Joanna Bogle on the interdenominational Schools Bible Project which has been giving pupils an opportunity to explore the reality of Christianity for over 20 years OK, let’s talk ecumenism. No, I don’t mean Agreed Statements and the like – this [...]

Illustrative code

Glyn Win on what the Code of Practice might mean The Code of Practice on women bishops cannot be settled until the Measure itself has been passed, but the Synod will debate an Illustrative Code of Practice on the Tuesday [...]


Looking back and looking forward In this 200th edition of New Directions we asked past editors to look back over 200 editions Sara Low (Editor, 1992 until 2005) It really began with a yellow blouse. I had put my name [...]

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