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I am what I am

Christina Odone encourages Christians boldly to affirm their faith. ‘Do you think you could work with atheists?’ That was the trick question Peter Wilby, editor of the New Statesman, posed as he interviewed me for the position of deputy editor. [...]

What is a Saint?

John Hunwicke reviews the Calendar Girls (and boys) What is a Saint? When Mother Teresa of Calcutta was ‘beatified’, the media reported that this was ‘the first step on the road to sainthood’. What is all this about? The New [...]

A Peculiar Vocation

Patrick Henry Reardon on an unusual relationship Hosea's vocation was most unusual (if that is the word we want). It all had to do with his truly miserable home life. Hosea was not directed, like Jeremiah (16.1), to remain celibate, [...]

Collectors of the Day

Anne Gardom on the merits of a good old-fashioned hanging The Victoria and Albert Museum has refurbished its paintings galleries in a splendid decor of red, white and gold, and rehung some of its very interesting collection of mainly nineteenth-century [...]

Joy or Enjoyment?

Hugh Baker reflects on the purpose of worship ‘Enjoy the service,’ said the personable young man in Cape Town, as he handed me a computer-produced family service sheet. His friendly greeting momentarily took me aback. Where had I heard these [...]

Ultimate Questions

John Ryder explores the demands of compassion A friend recently sent us a card to let us know that her eldest son had just died at the age of twenty-three. Peter, for that was his name, was stunted, deformed and [...]

But more so…

The resignation of Frank Tracey Griswold III as co-chairman of International ARCIC was an opportunity. The problem with Frank was that he incarnated the Anglican Disease – he said what he thought people wanted to hear, and acted, to the [...]


Patterns of Epiphany There is a pattern in the three signs of revelation that are the focal points for prayer, reflection and worship in Epiphany. The journey of the Magi, the Baptism of Jesus and the Wedding at Cana reveal [...]

The Significance of Sex

John Richardson returns to origins and ends Before we groan, ‘Oh no, not sex again!’, let us remember that each age raises challenges which we cannot decline simply because we are bored with the subject. In the nineteenth century, the [...]

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