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A clerical detective story by PDJ Amyes To visit the Holy Land at the beginning of the twenty-first century, concluded Whelan on his return to the American Colony Hotel after a brief reconnaissance of the old city, is to have [...]

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Inclusivity and Holiness

Patrick Reardon reflects on the significance of Cornelius Among the polarities employed in the Bible's treatment of salvation, that of universality and holiness is perhaps the easiest to describe. Universality is wide and holiness narrow. We are bidden by the [...]

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Acting Up

The Episcopal Ministry Act of Synod 1993 is quite clear. ‘The General Synod regards it as desirable that … except as provided by the Measure and this Act, no person or body shall discriminate against candidates, either for ordination or [...]

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Those ‘secret talks’

In March, New Directions carried an article on the possible suspension or amalgamation of some of the smaller dioceses in this country; about a month later the Yorkshire Post ran a similar piece; in early June, The Times devoted half [...]

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Let’s start praying again The late Fr Bernard Bassett SJ wrote a pithy little book entitled Let’s Start Praying Again. It began with the assumption that prayer is hard work, and the consequence of this is that most people’s prayer [...]

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A Field of Strife

John Hunwicke looks forward to the liturgical wars of the coming decade In perhaps a year or two’s time, the following scene could become a reality in hundreds of American (and even perhaps a few British) Roman Catholic churches: The [...]

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Divorce Debate Fifties-Style

Nicholas Turner discovers an old book SECOND-HAND theology bookshops come in two forms. The smaller ones, near universities, and usually attached to an ordinary bookshop, offer the chance of finding some recent text at a discounted price; the turnover is [...]

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Idle Curiosity

Highways and Byways of Hymns A bit of hush ARE there any times when we do not, should not and cannot sing hymns? Christians usually disregard that exiled harpist who found difficulty singing the Lord's song in a strange land. [...]

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