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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on the Book of Common Prayer On the Edge is a film about three men lost in Alaska. Confused about procedure, one man has a book about principles of survival, a digest of traditional wisdom from those who [...]

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First impressions of Fatima

William Davage reports on a week’s pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima As the scrawny scrub-land outside Lisbon gave way to lush, green hills, fields and woods, olive groves and vineyards, anticipation became sharper. Pilgrimage to a [...]

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The Thirteenth Apostle

Denis Desert on Constantine the Great, whose authorization of Christianity changed the subsequent development of Western civilization History, from time to time, produces people who make a radical change to the course of the world. The Roman Emperor Constantine the [...]

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Do not be afraid

The Bishop of Exeter explains that by following Mary’s example, we will come to comprehend more fully the meaning of the words ‘Do not be afraid... The Lord is with you’ Love, lack of fear, hope, the assurance of God’s [...]

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views, reviews and previews

DAMIEN HIRST Tate Modern 4 April–9 September Admission £14, concessions available LEONARDO DA VINCI: ANATOMIST Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace 4 May–7 October Admission £9.25, concessions available THESE SHOWS are the gruesome twosome of the summer’s exhibitions, though this was written [...]

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Homo Correctus

He is the complete modern man With taste and interests wide; His mind is open so we can So simply step inside. His politics are open plan, He’s neither left nor right; Because he aims to please, our man Is [...]

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Georgian Lincolnshire Revisite d

Of the sixty-ish "Georgian" churches in Lincolnshire, Stainfield (1) is just slightly pre-Georgian, built in 1711. An elegant, balanced, building, it has a Gothic E. window by Fowler of Louth. Now, there’s a surprise. Some people just can’t leave well [...]

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