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Diamond Jubilee at St Paul’s

Andrew Hammond gives us a personal view of the cathedral’s preparations for the royal occasion ‘Although we are capable of great acts of kindness, history teaches us that we sometimes need saving from ourselves – from our recklessness or our [...]

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‘I wanna tell you a story’

(Max Bygraves) Summer 1940: France. Earlier optimistic hopes finish in defeat. The miracle of Dunkirk. Invasion threatens. Evacuation from threatened UK areas a priority. LDV becomes Home Guard. Churchill, cigar at the ready, speaks to nation. The rest of the [...]

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Anglican Patrimony

Christopher Trundle on the joys of Anglican choir dress ‘At the Holy Communion the presiding minister shall wear either a surplice or alb with scarf or stole. When a stole is worn other customary vestments may be added. The epistoler [...]

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