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The Word of the Lord

Is the Bible the Church's authority or guide? Churches aspiring to be `seeker-sensitive' might be inclined to present it as the latter, but could find themselves cutting the price so more will buy and thus losing spiritual integrity. Our anti-authority, [...]

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Some regions of France are especially rich in Romanesque architecture. The Auvergne is pre-eminent. They have their regional peculiarities — the bigger churches tend to have high transepts and octagonal central towers. Nestling in the Sioulet valley, Orcival (1) is [...]

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We will remember them

Paul Cartwright travelled to France with the West Yorkshire Police Band for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day 'When you go home you MUST tell everyone, especially the young ones, about what happened here all those years ago, because they must [...]

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The Last Things

Digby Anderson explores the reasons for the modern Church's silence on the Last Things A good and prominent Forward in Faith priest complained recently that we don't hear much these days about hell. Nor indeed about the other Last Things. [...]

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Hurrying the Murray

Damian Feeney on the formulation of a strategic growth plan in a diocese in the Province of South Australia It all began with a telephone conversation. The newly minted Bishop of The Murray in South Australia, formerly the Bishop of [...]

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