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Walking the Willesden Way

Chris Phillips charts the history of church, shrine and pilgrimage in Willesden The first reference to a church in Willesden occurs in the record of a visitation from St Paul’s in 1181. Indeed, when the officers of William the Conqueror [...]

Ghostly Counsel

Promises God is a god of promises and these promises are expressed by covenants—from the covenant with Noah and the sign of the rainbow, through the covenants with Abraham and David through to the new covenant sealed with the blood [...]

Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on the Incarnation Continuing with our choirboy’s perusal of the Quicunque Vult, in the last edition he will find, when it speaks of the Incarnation, an identification of Jesus of Nazareth with God in heaven. It recognizes a [...]

Maintaining the Faith

Richard Norman speaks to the Society of the Maintenance of the Faith Now, more than ever, the creation and maintenance of strong Christian communities seems essential for the mission of the Church in the world. Vatican II’s dogmatic constitution Lumen [...]

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