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The Pastor’s Need Loss of vocation Eugene Peterson claims that American pastors are abandoning their parishes at an alarming rate and have gone whoring after other gods. Today pastoral ministry hasn't the remotest connection with what Christian pastors have done [...]

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Talking Heads

Robbie Low on compulsory viewing The Church of England has entered the video age! How do I know this? Along with every other clergyperson I have recently received, special delivery, a large package from head office containing a boxed video [...]

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An Anatomy of Error VI

Morris Dancing A fascinating aspect of the campaign to see women ordained to the priesthood in the Anglican Communion has been the attempt to find ancient precedent for the practice. ‘Consonant with scripture and required by the tradition’ was Michael [...]

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The Better Part

Patrick Henry Reardon on Mary of Bethany Mary of Bethany is identified by name in only two of the gospels, Luke (10.38–42) and John (11.128–32; 12.1–8). In both places she is described through a studied contrast with some other character. [...]

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Beyond the Bedside

Martin Browning reflects on a brief life and great love I was afraid I would be too late. My bus was stuck in virtual gridlock at the main crossroads. Even when it all unscrambled and I hurried through the automatic [...]

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Sheepdip Renewed!

You will have heard of the Youth Festival Sheepdip. Beginning in Birmingham, Festivals have been held in London and Plymouth and plans are afoot for Sheepdip Scotland. We also had a Festival for the younger age group called Sheep Pen. [...]

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Anglican Devotion

Preparation for Holy Communion in the eighteenth century Caricatures It is sometimes thought that the Eucharist played little part in the devotional life of the Church of England before the Tractarian movement of the nineteenth century. The caricature of ‘The [...]

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In last month’s New Directions ‘GK’ wrote (if I may risk an innuendo) a ‘tongue in cheek’ article about the lack of a gay footballer in Footballer’s Wives. This, he felt, represented an unreasonable resistance to a movement which has [...]

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The Perils of Hindsight

The Bishop of Willesden does not like what he reads The Hind report, Formation for Ministry within a Learning Church is about to wend its way through the synodical process – House of Bishops, General Synod – and then on [...]

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