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FiF Update

News from Malawi Fr Rodney Schofield, a regular New Directions contributor, reports: Forward in Faith (Malawi), founded last year by Fr Dennis Kayumba (priest-in-charge of All Saints Cathedral in Nkhotakota), is slowly gaining support among both clergy and laity – [...]

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Media Watch

Sides of the same coin? George Austin on differing perspectives News pictures of the demolition of Wembley Stadium brought back memories of Cup Finals long past. Thanks to a family friend, Joe Shaw, who played for Arsenal in the 1920s [...]

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Fifty Years On

Anthony Kilmister reflects on splendours viewed on a ten-inch screen My mother acquired a television set for us in time for Christmas 1952. Many families did the same and in South Wales we watched with fascination as black and white [...]

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Book Reviews

Including David Banting on Peter Jenson The Revelation of God Peter Jensen IVP, 304pp, pbk 0 85111 256 0, £11.99 Peter Jensen has written a most timely book and offered a refreshing approach to a timeless doctrine. He is a [...]

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Filling Churches Last month’s Letter discussed the general decline in churchgoing in Australia, and noted the deteriorating frequency with which even committed Christians attend worship. In this Letter we begin to look at some exceptions to the rule – those [...]

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The Unseen Disturber

Hugh Baker reflects on his reluctance to vote This time round, I very nearly didn’t. Vote, that is. This surprises me. In time past, I have reminded my hearers of the privilege of the plebiscite, of the courage and sacrifices [...]

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Purple into Red Sometimes I wonder what would happen if newspapers were devoid of the salacious and the sensational. Perhaps the readership would be better informed, or, on the other hand, perhaps nobody would read them and then the readership [...]

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In the Octave Another Easter has come and gone, and we in Lewisham have recovered from our Paschal exertions. We had a good Holy Week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday saw three remarkable preachers at the Sung Mass. We had been [...]

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Thirty Days

(D)MAD AND (M)DUM The Team Rector of Wickford and Runwell Team Ministry, Philip Kearns has been wrestling with a serious problem. What courtesy title to use for his women priests. He notes, ‘The title "Father" does not sit easily with [...]

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Beyond Our Wen

Anne Gardom finds some serendipital treasures outside London London is far from being the only place with galleries and museums. This country has a rich, diverse and often odd heritage of museums and art galleries – some were endowed by [...]

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