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Under an unprecedented threat of 'inhibition' , Edwin Barnes explained the implications of the Eames Report in Scotland ONCE UPON A TIME - and I hardly need remind you of this in Scotland - once upon a time the Church [...]

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Thought for the Day 16 January 1997 GOOD MORNING. A delegation for the cryonics convention is meeting, significantly, in Phoenix, Arizona. Cryonics is the technique of deep freezing a human corpse - or rather, person, who happens to look like [...]

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Andrew Walker begins a series of articles from different hands on the Gospel and Mission in contemporary culture THERE HAS NEVER been a time when the gospel did not need to speak to our culture, for human societies, however enlightened, [...]

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Some dissenting voices on the implications of Porvoo from the Norwegian House of Bishops COPIES OF THE FOLLOWING letters, addressed originally to Jan Bygstad, Chairman of 'For Bible and Confession', an evangelical group in the Norwegian Church, reached the Forward [...]

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Essential Agreement

I: EPISCOPACY AND SUCCESSION: THE PROBLEM THE FINAL paragraph of Chapter III of the Porvoo Common Statement reads: This summary witnesses to a high degree of unity in faith and doctrine. Whilst this does not require each tradition to accept [...]

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IN THE SEPTEMBER issue of this magazine we wrote: "For the new C of E Cornwall is about to prove a critical test case. For as we go to press, the eyes of the Crown Appointments Commission will be turning [...]

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