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Advantageous Disadvantages

Margaret Laird turns for guidance to Thomas Traherne PRAISE GOD for the Advantage of our Disadvantages'. This is the prayer of Thomas Traherne who grew up during the religious conflicts of the middle of the seventeenth century. Born in 1637, [...]

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Transfiguration JAN RUYSBROECK, the noted 13th century Flemish mystic, reminds us that it is through Jesus alone that we can be led to true unity. In our Lord "God became man and has Himself become the Way to true unity", [...]

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Clergy consider the future of the Parochial Ministry TAKE SOME 60 priests, a handful of Canons, and an Archdeacon - and what do you get? The answer is, a conference organised by the Chapter of our Lady and St Cuthbert [...]

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Patrick Reardon considers a classic case of anxiety syndrome in the Old Testament WHEN, AFTER the death of Moses, the leadership of Israel passed to Joshua, everyone in the camp must have experienced a sudden new energy and sense of [...]

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Heaven – a Fine City WHETHER DUSTY BLACK or shiny red, you will not find Fred in Crockford: see last month. The Rev Dr Fred Pratt Green was a Methodist. He would hardly admit to the charge of being either [...]

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A Woman Apostle? AT ROMANS 16: 7, Paul refers to a woman Apostle, Junia. And she is 'prominent among the Apostles'. (NRSV) Or does he? And is she? In fact the gender is uncertain. I don't mean that she is [...]

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George Austin wonders if everyone has forgotten about Magna Carta RETIREMENT GIVES the freedom to do reading and research which the busy-ness of working life often makes impossible. Because one of my predecessors as Archdeacon of York, one Osbert de [...]

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RAGGED RHYTHM THE SCOTT-JOPLIN proposals (in 'Marriage in church after divorce') intend to be pastoral, but will inevitably have legal implications, if only because marriage is a legal contract and parishioners have legal rights in the established church. Unfortunately for [...]

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Edwin Barnes on the marriage proposals EVERYONE did what was right in his own eyes' says Scripture, describing the disintegration of civilisation, a people falling into chaos. It also describes the tendency of the Winchester report on Marriage. Dress it [...]

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THE BISHOP OF BRISTOL (perhaps in his eagerness to gain double notoriety as the first bishop to admit women to the priesthood and the first diocesan admit men to the womanhood) declared on the subject of the transgendered priest the [...]

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