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Why Leslie Chadd will not be going to the Crematorium I HAVE JUST WRITTEN to some Funeral Directors to tell them that I am mothballing my funeral holy gear. "No more" I have said, "Unless it's a really personal request, [...]

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Margaret Laird claims Peter Abelard as a contemporary THERE IS A HYMN, not perhaps sung as often as it once was, which expresses most aptly the situation in which so many faithful orthodox Anglicans find themselves at the beginning of [...]

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The People's Hymn ONE OF THE MORE foolish mistakes I made immediately before ordination was when writing an essay for assessment by an archdeacon in my first diocese. I was pontificating about canticles, and criticised one Prayer Book item which [...]

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Christ Our Future

Seated at the Right Hand of the Father The Archbishop of York continues our series of twelve meditations on the doctrines of the Creed in preparation for our Christ Our Future celebration on June 10 THE BOOK OF GLORY is [...]

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Anne Gardom finds a feast of faith at the National Gallery THE PILGRIM TRUST and the Jerusalem Trust combined to sponsor the excellent exhibition Seeing Salvation, at the National Gallery in London. This meant that it was free, and the [...]

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It is natural, following from the Singapore consecrations in January and the meeting of Primates in Oporto in March, that serious questions are being asked about the future viability of the Anglican Communion. Can it survive in any recognisable form? [...]

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