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sacred vision

Pentecost: Joseph Mildorfer Pentecost’ by Joseph Ignaz Mildorfer (1719–1775) from the 1750s. This was an altarpiece for the Church of the Holy Spirit in Sopron, now in the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest. Born into a Tyrolese painter family, he [...]

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Word and Spirit Different versions of a single Bible verse and what they show Patrick Henry Reardon, senior editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity Prior to listing the generations of Adam in Genesis 5, holy Scripture makes a [...]

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The forgotten value Florence Allshorn There was a mystery before which you could only stand like a child wondering. A child, who sees for the first time or hears someone who knows more than he does and listening, never questions. [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Rogation Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Being a Country Parson for over twenty-five years means that I have tried most stunts for Rogationtide. They all involve getting folk into the fresh air and gathering them to [...]

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Darkness and light

George Austin on the most crucial and dramatic year that the CofE has had to face since the Reformation, a year which will make it or more likely break it Since it is over sixty years since I was confirmed, [...]

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views, reviews and previews

HORACE WALPOLE AND STRAWBERRY HILL Victoria and Albert Museum 6 March–4 July 2010 Admission £6; concessions £4 If you’re bored by today’s corrupt and spendthrift politicians and you need to lighten the mood, take a trip to South Kensington. There [...]

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from elsewhere

Nigeria Farewell for Akinola 1,000 people attended a farewell dinner for outgoing Primate of All Nigeria, Archbishop Peter Akinola in his 65th year, in Abuja on 24 March, the eve of the installation of his successor, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh. In [...]

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Fudging but not lukewarm

Proving that it is not only the Anglo-Papalists who are interested in the Ordinariate Andrew Norman shares his own enthusiasm In Catholic-convert Muriel Spark’s novel of 1965, The Mandelbaum Gate, set in Palestine, that troubling phrase of Revelation 3.15 drifts [...]

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Only connections

Richard Norman wonders why the Archbishop of Canterbury seemed so good at making some connections only to miss others completely The Archbishop did not expend much effort in keeping from his voice a note of sadness and exasperation: ‘I think [...]

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