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Fr Andrew Norman has been Rector of St Nicolas, Guildford since 1993. Married with two grown-up daughters, he has just enjoyed a first sabbatical in over 30 years of ministry (right). Richard Norman is a student at the College Resurrection, [...]

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last chronicle

Your Holiness, We are writing to express our sincere apologies for any offence which may have been given by recent comments about your forthcoming State visit to the United Kingdom. I know that our ambassador to the Holy See will [...]

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Forward in Faith update

Forward in Faith members - whatever their views on the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus! - are urged to take time (if they have internet access) to listen to some or all of the proceedings of the recent excellent Conference An [...]

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Why do you keep saying that you want us to remain in the Church of England? By ‘you’ we mean most of the members of the House of Bishops, most of the membership of General Synod, most clergy, and probably [...]

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letters to the editor

Home-grown neglect From Mr Thomas Rookes In regard to Tom Sutcliffe’s article about the lack of patronage for British opera singers, conductors and directors, there is still a certain snobbery in the British musical establishment, in the assumption that its [...]

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30 days

Papal Shock Horror With much of the world’s media having declared open season on the Catholic Church in general and Pope Benedict XVI in particular, it was of course only a matter of time before superannuated self-publicist Hans Kling stepped [...]

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touching place

St Thomas Becket, Fairfield, Kent Surrounded by flocks of sheep and acres of green, this little church is somehow just right for Romney Marsh and the scattered community that it has always served. A church has been here since the [...]

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Glories in ruin

Tom Sutcliffe recalls his visit to splendid but neglected Sicilian churches followed by a mad dash through a flightless Europe Churches in England are appreciated by atheists and agnostics as much as – or even more than – by paid-up [...]

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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk argues that Liberals are both confused and contradictory when they consider their anthropology Nine hundred words is not much – not much, that is, in endeavouring to plot the internal contradictions of the case for women’s ordination. Some [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on English Catholicism and the priestliness of the Church Last month I wrote of Neville Figgis CR and his ministry in Edwardian England where the pervading spirit of those times was the repudiation of supernatural religion in general [...]

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