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Ghostly Counsel

Advent draws nigh   Advent this year creeps into the last week of this month. Already commercial Christmas is beginning to make its presence felt, and the first Carol Services are only a few weeks away. Advent deserves more personal [...]

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Time to Keep Talking

Gary Waddington concludes his thoughts on the Shared Conversations   The Theological deficit? A colleague of mine is fond of saying that if the arguments about the ordination of women were primarily lacking a theological response but found a justice [...]

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Remembering David Jenkins

Peter Mullen recalls his emphatic friend and mentor   It is said that the late David Jenkins, former Bishop of Durham, was the model for Peter Simple’s caricature “The go-ahead Bishop of Bevingdon”. He was certainly left-wing, a theological modernist, [...]

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In Search of Unity

The Bishop of Norwich continues his thoughts on Anglican Papalism   An Anglican Papalist tradition easily found favour in Walsingham in the 1930s. It was never clear cut, though, for Hope Patten continued to use the Book of Common Prayer [...]

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Spiritual Songs

Light of those whose dreary dwelling Borders on the shades of death, Come, and by thy love’s revealing Dissipate the clouds beneath: The new heaven and earth’s Creator, In our deepest darkness rise, Scattering all the night of nature, Pouring [...]

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Facing the Future?

Evan McWilliams on God, time, and space   Where is God? Is He to be found among the worshipping community, floating somewhere indistinctly above our heads? Or, perhaps, in another dimension which intersects with our own – but not in [...]

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