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Scattered around western France, in the area roughly defined by Limoges, Poitiers and S. Jean d’Angely, are small mediaeval stone towers with an opening at the top once used to display a light at night, and with a hollow interior [...]

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Catholic Compassion

Nicolas Stebbing reminds us of the importance of helping others A few days ago, I returned from Zimbabwe and someone asked me: ‘What was the highlight of your trip?’ I thought for a while: was it the blue skies and [...]

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Death of a Dictator

Nicolas Stebbing considers the legacy of Robert Mugabe   I arrived in Harare on 5 September to find Robert Mugabe had died in Singapore. Next day the TV and newspapers were full of this with long reports and interviews. What [...]

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Andy Hawes    Spiritual directors must be vigilant in discerning unhelpful trends in the field of spirituality. It is certainly the case that books and websites on prayer and spirituality proliferate; there is no assuaging the appetite for those seeking [...]

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St John Henry Newman

William Davage discusses the influence of John Henry Newman   In Rome on 13 October Pope Francis canonized a 19th century Englishman, an academic theologian. For 45 years of his life he was an Anglican. He converted to Rome in [...]

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