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Peter Dutton introduces five Requiems to which you ought to listen   When I was a treble in Magdalen college choir, my favourite service of the year was the All Souls’ Day Requiem. Many of my fellow choristers considered it [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Essentials  (In the new normal)   Andy Hawes    As the pandemic continues to shape the way we live I find that I spend a good part of the week on either Zoom, Face time or Skype in the exercise [...]

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William Davage considers the month of remembrance   Since my days of morbid adolescent introspection November has been my favourite month. There is the something about its wistful melancholia, its romantic charm that is, deeply satisfying. In those far off [...]

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Send down your spirit

Jeremy Haselock explains the place of the Eucharistic Epiclesis in Common Worship   Father John Gayford is to be thanked for drawing our attention to the history and significance of the epiclesis in the Eucharistic Prayers of the Church over [...]

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The Centre Cannot Hold

William Davage wonders where compromise gets us   St John Henry Newman may have outlined his understanding that The Church of England is a Via Media between Rome and Geneva, between the Early Fathers of the Church and Luther and [...]

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Servants of the Lord

Richard Bastable explains the ministry of the deacon   The ordination of deacons in the Book of Common Prayer does not direct a sermon to be preached at the ordination itself. Were we to be following that rite, you could [...]

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