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Almost There

Sam Philpott on the Women Bishops Shadow Working Party Report Some years ago, an elderly parishioner of mine was brought from hospital on a home visit by a young social worker who soon picked up on the fact that her [...]

Moving On

Robbie Low muses among the packing cases Moving, I have concluded, is like drowning. The whole of your life passes before you in a relatively brief time which, paradoxically, seems to last for ever. It's a bit like fasting but [...]

The Sage of Caesarea

Patrick Henry Reardon on the life and work of Philip Stephen and Philip were the first two of seven Greek-speaking men ordained by the apostles by way of dealing with the ‘complaint against the Hebrews by the Hellenists’ at Jerusalem [...]

Treasures New and Old

Anne Gardom on a remarkable one man show There is something about one man's enthusiasm which gives special interest to a collection of pictures. It is exciting and stimulating to study the development of the collector’s eye and share in [...]

Anglican Devotion

The English Bible Caution and restraint The English Bible has played such an immensely important part in Anglican devotion that today, with so many English translations circulating, it is hard to imagine that until 1536, the possession of an English [...]

Divided We Fall

IT is said of Robert Runcie that he regarded the Anglican Communion with the gentle and indulgent irony for which he was famous, until he became the head of it, at which it is certainly true that being the ‘spiritual [...]


Peace and Proximity Contemplative Curate A parish nearby to mine had in the fifties and sixties a procession of talented and hard-working curates, many of whom went on to serve the Church from prominent positions. One curate, however, was different [...]

Fanning the Flame

Gerry O’Brien reports on Evangelicals in good heart at Blackpool Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, a renowned venue for party conferences, hosted a somewhat different event at the end of September. When Archbishop Rowan Williams arrived on the opening evening, he received [...]

Those Letters

6th July 2001 After our telephone conversation I continued to reflect upon the issues you raised. I think that declaring the clergy who have refused to allow you to visit their congregations as having ‘abandoned the communion of this church’ [...]

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