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Some of the writers Graham James is the 71st Bishop of Norwich, after his translation to the diocese ten years ago; and an Honorary Guardian of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham since 2005. Peter Anderson is Vicar Andrew [...]

and not content

Why can't newsreaders act properly? We know how important they are by the run-up to the 10 o'clock BBC News when a sea of busy background nobodies parts for the presenter to cross abridge; when brave, underpaid, short soldiers get [...]

Forward in Faith update

National Assembly When we all met at Central Hall, Westminster for the first Forward in Faith National Assembly way back in September 1994, our detractors were all quite certain that Forward in Faith was but a very temporary organisation. How [...]


In any conflict, it is the victors who write the history. If, as David Waller suggests (see Lead Story p. 4), the revision committee of the proposed legislation to ordain women as bishops is finding it difficult to come up [...]

letters to the editor

No more dunking From Mr J. Stephenson I cannot say I've liked this swine-flu-precaution communion-in-one-kind response from the CofE. It all seems a bit silly and unnecessary, especially when we all shake hands after the service anyway. But I hope [...]

30 days

The Bishop and St Michael The Bishop of Reading, the Right Revd Stephen Cottrell, has recently hit the headlines, saying that the Church has to shed her middle class, Marks and Spencer image, if it is to attract as worshippers [...]

touching place

Pontigny Abbey, France By the late 11th c, some Benedictine monks felt that their order had become too worldly, so that St Robert of Molesme and his followers founded the Cistercian order in 1098, with its first house at Oteaux; [...]

the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk on a recent attempt to develop an argument in favour of women's ordination on the basis of the primacy of mission Graham Leonard, when Bishop of London, famously said that he had heard many arguments in favour of [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on Henry Venn (1725-97) Henry Venn, described as a 'post Reformation saint,' is a product of the eighteenth-century Evangelical Revival that produced many saintly types. His son and grandson in their generation were Evangelical leaders and influenced greatly [...]


Holding firm Ed Tomlinson on two blogs that suggest a renewed Anglo-Catholicism as a solution to turbulence in the CofE and increasing secularization This month we delight in the marriage of Fr Trevor Jones and Fr Ivan Aquilina. But before [...]

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