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Party Political It was not so long ago in the Anglican Church of Australia that bishops outside the Diocese of Sydney would boast that we had been spared the organized ‘parties’ that dominated debate in the Church of England. Indeed, [...]

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The End of the Affair CLINTON, Maryland – Fr Samuel Edwards, rector-elect of Christ Church, Accokeek, said he was ‘not downcast’ by the decision of the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals to reject his appeal of his ouster by [...]

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Synod Insider

It’s worth knowing who your friends are As we know, the Church is all about spiritual things. Worldly things belong elsewhere. So in the Church we concern ourselves with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, doctrine, liturgy, ethics and the things [...]

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Sic transit I am somewhat suspicious of ‘moments of disclosure’, when, as Ian Ramsey used to say, ‘the penny drops’. Not for me ‘The Doors of Perception’. I leave that to Aldous Huxley (if anyone now remembers him) and those [...]

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DR WHO? A member of the editorial board got something of a surprise in his post last month. A letter, sent by him, addressed in block capitals and with the correct postcode, was returned by the Royal Mail. The explanatory [...]

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Men of Courage

John Richardson visits a convention of men ‘And those who ate were about five thousand men, besides women and children.’ Matthew’s casual detail – that the figure of five thousand for the number whom Jesus fed on one miraculous occasion [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

That a Bishop should be ‘Teachable’ Augustine held Cyprian of Carthage in high regard, as he did Tertullian. He commends Cyprian’s assertion that a bishop should be teachable. To go on to what he says, ‘that a bishop should be [...]

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‘Matriarchy good, Patriarchy bad’ was the slogan of the particular Animal Farm in which Commander Melhuilish had cut her teeth. But, as she sat in the gaunt Victorian parlour of the See House in Armagh, on a wet June day [...]

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Weary at the Well

Patrick Reardon considers the Samaritan woman in all of us Among the loveliest lines ever penned for Christian prayer, I think, are those in the tenth strophe of Thomas of Celano's Dies Irae: Quaerens me sedisti lassus Redemisti crucem passus [...]

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