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The Way they Live Now

Brother Stephen CR reflects on the current condition of the Religious Communities of the Church of England. In last months’ issue of New Directions two articles appeared, one by Fr Peter CSWG on the initiative of the newly named body [...]

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The Meaning of Meaning

It is no news that words mean different things to different people. Take, for example, that well-known play on words ‘Affirming Catholicism’. Punning like a Guardian headline, it means the opposite of what you think it means. Parse it and [...]

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The First Council of Nicaea

Raymond Chapman describes the work and witness of the First Ecumenical Council The study of history shows that occasions are not to be equated with causes. The Reformation did not begin because Luther posted ninety-five theses on the church door [...]

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Saving the Planet

How would many academics fill their time without surveys to conduct? How would newspapers fill their pages in the silly seasons without the odd, weird or ‘fancy that’ results to comment upon? Nevertheless, though there are hundreds of such surveys [...]

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New Directions Directory

BATH S.John’s, Bathwick (by the Fire Station). A Forward in Faith Church. Sunday: Sung Mass 9.00 am; Evening Prayer & Benediction 6.30 pm on 2nd/4th Sundays. Weekday Masses: T 8.00 am; W 7.00 pm; Th. 10.30 am; F 7.30 pm; [...]

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FiF Update

Subscriptions Many thanks to all those Forward in Faith members who have been so efficient and have sent in their annual subscriptions, following last month’s Treasurer’s Report. We hope that all the rest of you are dealing with your subscriptions [...]

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Media Watch

George Austin on the responsibility of Power IT is early May and the media is full of allegations of horrific torture, brutality and murder in Iraq both in prisons and outside. Of course in the end it may all prove [...]

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The Gentleman Bishop

Reginald Heber, the great hymn writer, was also an early missionary bishop The idea of the Gentleman Bishop is, to us, either a Barchester joke or a modern, managerial mockery, but it was not always thus. The English Church of [...]

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Book Reviews

Looking again at the liturgy The Book of Divine Worship Newman House Press, 974pp, hbk 0 9704022 6 0 This American publication, dedicated to Pope John Paul II, comprises ‘elements of the Book of Common Prayer revised and adapted according [...]

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