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A recent report has shown that fewer and fewer young people are practising Christians or becoming Christians. It would seem then that the role of Religious Education and of Church Schools has never been more vital. It was, therefore, shocking [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on Egeria’s account of preparation for baptism in the early Church Egeria was a nun, probably from Gaul. She made a pilgrimage to Egypt, the Holy Land, Edessa, Asia Minor and Constantinople between 381–384. She recorded many liturgical [...]

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Elated Distraction

Peter Anthony explains why one must be mad to seek ordination How mad do you have to be to want to be ordained? It’s a serious question. Just how out of your mind have you got to appear if you [...]

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Bishop at Large

Michael Fisher reflects on the proper relationship between bishops and their priests Writing to the Christian community established by St Paul at Ephesus, St Ignatius of Antioch (35–109) said that the clergy ‘are attuned to their bishop like the strings [...]

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Letter to the Editor

The Death Penalty From Christopher Pierpoint Sir I was sorry to read the comments on the death penalty in this country in the Editorial of your March issue. Has the writer ever read the 39 Articles? Christopher Pierpoint Llandrindod Wells [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

I Am Thy Prayer I would be grateful to any reader that can trace the source of this wisdom: ‘I am thy prayer if thou wilt look on me.’ I have been using it as ‘key text’ in some talks [...]

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A Beautiful Tapestry

Luigi Licari discusses the corporal and spiritual works of mercy   Throughout the tapestry of salvation history two threads run: one of gold and silver; other of heavy, dark, gloomy lead. The second: let’s deal with now and dismiss him [...]

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