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Ghostly Counsel

Andy Hawes    Gardening   A friend, who knows I have a passion for gardening, gave me a book, The Well Gardened Mind by Sue Stuart- Smith. It is an enlightening read exploring the physiological and psychological benefits of gardening. [...]

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Adrian Pearce questions the need for gender-neutral language   Of late I have been asked by a number of people about a proposal requesting that God should be addressed by worshippers only in gender-neutral terms. I well understand the desire [...]

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The Revd Canon Anna Matthews

We join many who knew and loved the late Anna Matthews in mourning her sudden and tragic death last month. Canon Matthews helped to organize the joint theological conference sponsored jointly by Forward in Faith and Anglican Catholic Futures in [...]

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Sacrifice and Praise

The Parish of Saint Giles-in-Reading’s Memorial to the late Fr Michael Melrose   Three years ago, on 18 March, 2020, (Eve of the Solemnity of St Joseph), High Mass with blessing of the memorial tablet to Fr Michael Melrose, former [...]

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Bridging the Faith

Christopher Collins reflects on the life and ministry of Arthur Middleton   In the Church of St Columba, Southwick, in Sunderland—now sadly closed to Anglican worship—the walls are decorated with murals by the famous artist James Eadie-Reid. The one of [...]

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A Sacramental Worldview

An exclusive extract from the new memoir by Frank Field as he contemplates his life and what comes next   I grew up in this parish that I would now call low-church Catholic parish, St Nicholas’s in Chiswick. By ‘low-church’ [...]

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Church Crawling

Simon Cotton finds resurrection glory in France   Among the carving on the capitals of the pillars supporting the chevet at Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme) are some depicting the events of the first Easter Sunday. They date from the second half of [...]

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Two Suppers at Emmaus

Theology through Caravaggio’s different treatments of the Emmaus story   The resurrection news in Luke is given to the women at the tomb by angels, but the disciples do not believe this when they hear it. Instead, it is two [...]

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BOOKS   Mary Magdalene A Visual History Diane Apostolos-Cappadona Bloomsbury, 2023 ISBN 9780567705747   Art Historian Diane Apostolos-Cappadona asks ‘who was the historical Mary Magdalene?’ Her image appears in paintings, sculpture, books, and film, where she is represented as sinner, [...]

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Festus   We are weeks away from the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III and the ancient Coronation Court has become the ‘Coronation Claims Office’ in the Cabinet Office (less Camelot romanticism, more bureaucracy). During January it sought representations [...]

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