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MUSIC SYMPHONIES NOS. 2 AND 5 Sir Charles Villiers Stanford Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, David Lloyd-Jones Naxos 8.570289, £4.99 Stanford in B flat, Stanford in G, Justorum Animae, Beatae Quorum Via... the pieces which Stanford contributed to the liturgy of the [...]


The art of letter writing, as we all know, has all but died away under the pressure of newer technologies. How ironic, therefore, that it should suddenly find expression in a flurry of missives between the leading players of The [...]

letters to the editor

Nave altars From FrAlan Cooke ssc Peter Mullens 'rant' against nave altars in the November issue calls for an equally robust response. He describes nave altars as 'a fairly recent desecration. On the contrary, they were in use in the [...]

30 days

Christmas is coming... 'Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat . . .' Stuck for a present for that special churchy friend? 30Days is happy to come to the rescue with its pick of the very finest gifts available [...]

Touching Place

BURLINGHAM ST ANDREW, NORFOLK As the Middle Ages drew to an end, even the humblest villages throughout England strove to extend and beautify their churches. Little Burlingham began its campaign around 1460 with a new tower in the latest Perpendicular [...]

the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk looks at the difficulties raised by devolution, both political and ecclesial It was a headline which produced predictable consequences: 'Kirk Embraces Women. Both friend and foe alike took to their keyboards to email their reactions. I was inundated; [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on Church and Eucharist in Mark Frank (1613-64) The works of Mark Frank, a less well-known Anglican divine, consist of two volumes of sermons which exhibit a combination of all the skills of oratory, imagination, learning and language. [...]

Sacred vision

The gentle father 1535 In the early sixteenth century, with the ever-increasing sophistication of the new printing, now including devotional books of improving quality, the miniaturists seem to have excelled themselves in a final flourish of colour and delicacy, marked [...]

Infancy narratives

What is the source of Matthew's and Luke's material concerning the birth and early years of Jesus? Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity A special historical problem attends the gospel accounts of [...]

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