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Evangelium in the parish

What is Evangelium? asks James Bradley Evangelium is a catechetical course which seeks to share the riches of the Catholic faith as an attractive and straightforward means of deepening our lives with Christ in God. The course, running over twenty-five [...]

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Mayday /M’aidez!!

Witnessing the entente frugale whereby our Navy has to share its remainíng pedalo with France in return for a squat on a porte avions I wondered if this was Nelson’s ‘I see no ships’ updated. Two glasses of vin du [...]

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TEC’s Holy Stewardship

Michael Heidt on lawsuits in Fort Worth Earlier this year, The Bishop of Fort Worth, Jack Iker, told Forward in Faith U.K.’s National Assembly that he was the "most sued Anglican bishop in North America." He wasn’t exaggerating; by the [...]

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With whom are we in communion? Bishop Peter Elliott clarifies some issues for members of Forward in Faith Australia The Holy Father’s offer of the Ordinariate will take concrete form in 2011. In light of this impending reality, it is [...]

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Parish Directory

BEXHILL-on-SEA St Barnabas, Sea Road Forward in Faith. Sunday - Parish Mass 11am, Third Sunday (Easter to All Saints): Evening Prayer and Benediction 4pm. Mass daily at 10am except Monday (but check the noticeboard), Second Tuesday: Walsingham Cell 10.45am. Sacrament [...]

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