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The Big Picture

George Westhaver discusses the sacramental world and the Tractarian understanding of renewal The September edition of New Directions featured an article by Bishop Philip North entitled ‘Hope for the Poor’. The article began with a series of stories of those [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton reflects on a Transfigured World Donald Allchin comments, By the transformation of heart, through the realisation of God’s presence there at the centre of man’s being, it becomes possible to see that ‘heaven and earth are full of [...]

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From the archives: Geoffrey Kirk  looks at Vatican statements on the ordination of women from the 1990s The tragedy of theological liberalism is that it was bound, sooner or later, to stub its toe on dogma. That, in the matter [...]

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Thurifer finds quotations from Hazlitt an appropriate expression of the 2017 political scene For fellow political junkies this has been a vintage year. As if the Referendum in 2016 and the subsequent month of high jinks had not been enough [...]

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Secular Liturgies

Tom Sutcliffe considers opera as museum and performance Just as a “coffee table book” is designed to be looked through and not really read, so the V&A’s great Opera exhibition (with the not very persuasive come-on subtitle Passion, Power and [...]

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Old Classics Resurrected

If you’ve found it difficult to get a copy of an out-of-print Christian classic, it might be available soon. We talk to Charles Eastwood of Pendlebury Press Every year dozens of Christian books go out of print—their demand is too [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith on the real meaning of Christmas In case you’ve forgotten, an advent calendar is a picture with numbered doors cut into it designed to help prepare children for the coming festival of Christmas. The main scene will be [...]

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