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Over There Not Angels but Anglicans RIGHTER THAN THOU A pot-pourri of transatlantic antics Things are seldom what they seem. The trial of Bishop Walter Righter for heresy was certainly a case in point. Just as the issue of the [...]

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‘Do I have to go to church every Sunday? This depends a great deal on what your criteria are for making decisions. Some people are ruled by what they feel like and, for such people, everything that they do depends [...]

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Legal & Parochial

It was predicted long ago, before the momentous 1992 vote to enable women to be ordained as priests in the Church of England, that there would be many parishes which would assent to the proposition, but would not want a [...]

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Reform Update

POT: A Plea for Reform Post Ordination Training needs rethinking. Many curates with busy schedules begrudge travelling some distance and giving up time for training which is often thought to be inadequate and sometimes irrelevant. If POT and its equivalents [...]

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Paedophiles and Priests Tony Blair is importing a priest from the Diocese of Wangaratta to help him relate religion and politics. Fr Peter Thompson, a retired priest who runs a farm near Mansfield, is credited with introducing Blair to the [...]

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TRUST IN ME! A large brown envelope thudded on to my mat for the third time in a month. Synod sessions at York must be drawing near. Some years ago at Synod there was a wag who used to ask [...]

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The Way We Live Now

THAT'S THE WAY THEY DO IT ‘We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable; that all men are created equal and independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of [...]

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30 Days

THE SEAL OF THE SPIRIT? Declining vocations, rising quotas, clergy financial cutbacks and the need for major pastoral reorganisations could all be obviated and facilitated by the latest bit of American marketing. Mini communion cartons containing hermetically sealed wafers and [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Reverence One of the most fascinating and rewarding excursions into the writings of the Fathers is the series of addresses given by some of the bishops to those who were about to be or had just been baptized at Easter. [...]

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RIAH ABU EL-ASSAL It was a late afternoon, the eve of St. Alban, and the souk was winding down and the homeward traffic building up. The great modern catholic church of the Annunciation was cool and empty, save for a [...]

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