/July 2008 Articles

Out of Manchester

Tony Delves sets aside the politics of the Manchester Report and asks what sort of response we should make to the challenge it poses to our understanding of being faithful Christians Frederick Engels once said the quickest way out of [...]

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The Oxford heritage

This month sees the celebration of the 175th anniversary of the beginning of the Oxford Movement. Jeremy Sheehy looks at the Movement's origins, impact and legacy There is something about anniversaries which excites people. The celebration of the millennium was [...]

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Sea Sunday

Paul Griffin The sea historically causes much separation. Hence perhaps, when we are assured in the Book of Revelation that there shall be no more sea, the reference is to Church unity. Those lines of Matthew Arnold sum matters up: [...]

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Less like a Church

John Richardson offers an evangelical perspective on the impact of the Manchester Report 'single clause' option and is in no way encouraged by the prospect For those, such as Watch, advocating the Manchester Reports 'Single Clause, Code of Practice' option [...]

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Practical objections

John Shepley sums up the practical failures of a Code of Practice which will create far more problems than it could possibly solve A single clause Measure with a Code of Practice has long been the aim of Watch, Gras [...]

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