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Gallant and high-hearted happiness Anne Gardom Gallant and high-hearted happiness'. This phrase was like a tune on the brain. It had rattled round in my head for years before I found out where it came from, and the beautiful prayer [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Prayer & Healing Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Spiritual direction is a ministry in which dis-ease figures greatly. Sometimes this is the dis-ease caused by guilt produced by past actions and omissions; sometimes it is the [...]

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Watch out!

There are statistics about and Stephen Marsden gets his calculator out In an outspoken statement sent this week to all bishops in the Church of England, nearly half of all licensed women clergy called for no further delay on women [...]

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Plainchant champion

Julian Barry looks at the achievements of Dr Mary Berry in encouraging and teaching the singing of Gregorian Chant It is always a joy to meet a scholar of advanced years who still retains the liveliness of youth combined with [...]

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Another lost cause

An Oxford priest describes another example of the new righteousness and political correctness in academic circles Three times a year, in the University Church of St Mary the Virgin in Oxford (where Keble preached the Assize Sermon and Newman was [...]

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From bad to worse

John Turnbull fulminates against the injustice of a Code of Practice So it wasn't about justice after all. The unspoken reason, understood by your ordinary man or woman in the street, is that women should be bishops as a simple [...]

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Selecting for death

Elspeth Chowdharay-Best on the next stage in the battle for life involving new hospital procedures for ensuring a speedy death When utilitarian values take over from Judeo-Christian tradition, the weakest go to the wall. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill [...]

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Notting Hill riots

George Austin looks back at the! 958 race riots in Notting Hill and the efforts of enterprising individuals to deal with the aftermath, and finds an encouraging message in the fact that community relations have been largely restored Two centuries [...]

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A greater whole

The second part of Bishop Martyn Jarrett's talk on Anglican ecclesiology and the arguments for and against living with its flawed ecclesiology Delivered before the publication of the Manchester Report, to a chapter of the Society of the Holy Cross, [...]

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Anglican rock

If someone cut me in half, 'CofE' would run through me like a stick of rock. In December 1992,1 felt I would be better off dead than leaving the church of my Baptism. Thank God for the Act of Synod, [...]

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