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Ready for all thy perfect will

For us all, and particularly clergy, Martin Draper finds encouragement in a famous Wesley hymn as Petertide approaches   When those of us who are ordained priest ask ourselves, ‘how much personal preparation do I make for Sunday?’ the answer [...]

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Table, Stone, Tomb, Throne

With the consecration of a new stone altar in Holborn, Luke Miller considers its centrality to the life of every church, priest and eucharist   It seems unremarkable to say that the altar is the focus of the church. But [...]

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Going for Growth

Will things be the same? asks Paul Hutchins   A common thread in the life of the church at the moment is the feeling that ‘things will never be like they were before’ in reference to how we live out [...]

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Come, Holy Spirit

Through declining confirmation numbers, Tom Middleton looks at it means in to be called by God and ‘made his own’   The sacrament of confirmation is often seen as a rite of admission to the reception of holy communion but [...]

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By the Spirit sealed

Martin Warner reflects on God’s mysteries in the sacramental life   The small village of Ingleby Greenhow lies on the northern edge of the North York Moors. It has a pub, an excellent butcher and an 11th century church which [...]

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