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30 Days

THE ADAMS' FAMILY 'Smashing your world can never been my rightful aim but destroying the context of your accustomed way of life may be an inevitable side-effect of energetic pursuit of Truth and Justice as I honestly see it.’ Thus [...]

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No Authority

Geoffrey Kirk looks at some very weak arguments No authority whatsoever ‘Ut igitur omne dubium auferatur circa rem magni momenti, quae ad ipsam Ecclesiae divinam consitutionem pertinet, virtute ministerii Nostri confirmandi fratres (cfr Lc 22, 32), declaramus Ecclesiam facultatem nullatenus [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Continuing the Way of Unitive Prayer in Richard Baxter Unitive prayer is deeper by far than the meditation Baxter has described. ‘… to withdraw from [this sort of] prayer is to withdraw from God … meditation or contemplation is a [...]

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The Book of Numbers

It's been that time of year again. A spring-like winter has deceived buds into premature flower and bulbs into breaking the surface. So, in that time-honoured round, the statisticians of Church House have orchestrated a chorus of the great and [...]

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Back to the Future As the Church of England moves towards the formal debate about women in the episcopate there are a number of options for the way forward. This month we examine perhaps the most radical of those options: [...]

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‘Camera Shy

The camera never lies.' That, presumably, is why the modern wedding is not complete without the roving eye that will bring you a carefully edited moving memorial of the big day. Or why parched and exhausted guests wait while the [...]

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My! My! My!

Patrick Henry Reardon on a biblical temptress If she was even half as pretty as Hedy Lamarr, who played her in Cecil B. DeMille's 1949 film, it is easy to see why Samson was fascinated with Delilah. Fascinated too, over [...]

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Greek Fire

Anne Gardom on a cross-cultural visionary The exhibition at the National Gallery of the paintings of El Greco – the Greek (Domenikos Theotokopoulos, 1541–1610) – is the first major exhibition of his work to be shown in this country. It [...]

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Private contracts

THE motivation behind the New Westminster rite for the Celebration of Gay and Lesbian Covenants was love, tenderness and touchy-feeliness. So why, we asked ourselves, could not this fluffy niceness be extended? Why should a lonely old lady and her [...]

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The Anglican Communion

Arthur Middleton looks at the Faith of the Anglican Communion ‘ … they uphold and propagate the Catholic and Apostolic Faith and order as they are generally set forth in the Book of Common Prayer as authorised in their several [...]

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