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Faith of our Fathers

Man's Place in God's Story Resurrection Light During Eastertide God is drawing us into the blessed light of Christ's resurrection. In this light, a light of revelation and joy, we are being given an overview of God's work in creating [...]

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No Fire Without Smoke

Robbie Low reports on an historic event The flames of the six candles on the high altar shimmered against the great Pre-Raphaelite reredos. The sun, due south and at its zenith, sparkled through the quiet windows. A couple of dozen [...]

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A Golden Thread

Robbie Low visits the Jacquie Binns exhibition IT must be nearly 20 years ago that I first had the good fortune to encounter Jacquie Binns’ work. My wife, your editor, returned from the Christian Resources Exhibition bubbling over with enthusiasm [...]

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An Anatomy of Error V

The Maleness of Jesus At the heart of the arguments of those in favour of the ordination of women is the problem of the maleness of Jesus. Why was the incarnation male? More moderate proponents, as often as not, try [...]

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Remember Me

Patrick Henry Reardon on a word from the Cross Referring to the two thieves who died on either side of Jesus, St Mark records that ‘those who were crucified with him reviled him’ (15.32). At least they did so for [...]

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John Hunwicke writes an epistle to a friend in Barchester My dear Father, Thank you for your kind letter, with its enquiries and good wishes. Yes, we are enjoying life; but No, rural ministry is far from boring. You wouldn’t [...]

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Extremism Gone Wrong

IT was a small item that disappeared in the greater news from Iraq, which might otherwise have received more serious attention. There is now clear, statistical evidence that public support for medical research using animals has increased over the past [...]

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Anglican Devotion

Ways to Personal Holiness We are only too familiar at the present time with the problems of a Church which seems to have lost its hold on the nation and is no longer regarded as the guardian of reverent and [...]

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For the Next Series

In a world where nature increasingly imitates art (as Oscar said it would), and so-called ‘reality’ television is utterly fantastic, Footballers’ Wives is compulsive viewing. This breathless canter through tabloid obscenity includes, with one exception, every foible of the modern [...]

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Holy Scriptures The Great Elixir For all our new versions, revisions, commentaries, and despite the hype, the Bible has a bad press in many circles today. All right, it has been brought down from a pedestal and that is not [...]

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