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Golden Wedding days

Andy Hawes looks at nuptials past and present I have had a lot of fun in the past few months attending the Golden Wedding celebrations of parishioners: three since Christmas. They have been a series of very valuable case studies [...]

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"Behold, I set before you life and death. Choose Life..." (Deuteronomy 30:19) Join with people of all faiths and none for a Celebration of Life from conception to natural death. Music, Singing, Dancing & Inspiration from Young People, Pro-Life Leaders [...]

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Idle Curiosity

Piccadilly Seraphics The church of St James Piccadilly is not perhaps the first port of call in the West End for members of Reform or Forward in Faith visiting the big city. Not for them the alternative forms of Druid [...]

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Swedes Adrift

The Plight of Conservatives in the Church of Sweden by William J Tighe THE Church of Sweden finally became disestablished on 1st January 2000. The process by which this came about appears to have consolidated the hold of the liberal [...]

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We make no apology that this edition of New Directions carries an article much longer than we are accustomed to publish. It is detailed and circumstantial; but it is not a difficult read. Rather, it gives a vivid and sharply [...]

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