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In April, in a room in Westminster, Jane Ozanne a member of the General Synod launched the Ozanne Foundation. The gathering included bishops, priests and lay campaigners. Among the supporters of the Foundation are the Bishop of Liverpool and the [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on the sphragis as ownership and protection As Christians we are a marked people that too often are inclined to ignore the fact. The ceremonies of Baptism include a rite, what in the early church was called the [...]

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In Jesus caritas, Dorothy

David Chislett encourages us to read the letters of Dorothy Day One of the 20th century Christians I greatly admire is Dorothy Day (1897–1980), an influential worker among the poor, and co-founder of the American Catholic Worker Movement. In 1933, [...]

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A Precious Gift

Tony Robinson illuminates the link between the consecrated oils and Christ’s work in the world Some friends whose wedding I celebrated almost thirty years ago visited me last Christmastime. Before they married, they told me the story of their first [...]

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A Youth Mission

Paul Williamson describes the continuing expansion of his youth ministry in Hanworth I turned down St George’s, Hanworth, the first time Bishop John Hughes called me to take the parish. There were many holes in the roof, no flush toilet, [...]

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Mission Report

Adam Wogan reports on Easter outreach efforts in Scarborough Like many parishes, we at St Saviour’s, Scarborough have taken part in the LYCiG (Leading Your Church into Growth) course, during which we were asked to consider how the church might [...]

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Jonathan Baker reflects on the mysterious collegiality between a bishop and his priests This is the fifth Chrism Mass at which I have presided as Bishop of Fulham. We get bigger every year! What a joy to see so many [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Pure Living The liturgy of the Easter Season is full of hope. God is a God of hope and it is this Divine Hope that springs in the ‘soul eternal’. Above all the experience of hope is an experience of [...]

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A Communion that Flourishes

Jonathan Goodall reminds us of the paschal cause and purpose of communion in Christ ‘Bless the Lord, you priests of the Lord, sing praise to him and highly exalt him for ever.’ [Song of the Three Young Men, verse 62] [...]

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St Joseph, Pray for the Church!

Jonathan Baker considers the role of fatherhood in the family of the Church Anglo-Catholics are good at celebrating feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and quite right too, for all Christians should honour Our Lady, the one through whom Our [...]

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