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Focus On Mission

Where Have All The Pagans Gone? In the year 2000 only about 40% of the worlds population will identify themselves as Christians, according to World Christian magazine, quoting figures from the international Bulletin of Missions Research. While 2.1 billion people [...]


PROTESTANT OR CATHOLIC? Last month we asked if the Internet was demonic: Since then we have learned that Italian writer Umberto Eco claims that our computers have other theological implications; they may be Catholic or Protestant. I am firmly of [...]

Facts of the Faith

All You Need Is Love THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION of the 1960s ran out of steam in the 70s and, whipped about by a militant conservative backlash, collapsed in the 80s. Now we wander aimlessly about trying to regain our footing [...]

Saints Alive

All Saints & All Souls Some people do not believe in praying for the dead. They say that our departed relatives and friends either do not need our prayers or cannot benefit from them anyway. The relatives and friends that [...]


On the Solemnity of St Benedict I was reading the newspaper in the common room of a Benedictine monastery when the abbot walked in carrying a comfortably large mug of coffee Also in the room were some visiting nuns whose [...]


Death and the Local Incumbent A certain Bishop had just announced his retirement, and was being interviewed by the local BBC radio station. The presenter discussed with the Bishop some of the many achievements of his time in the diocese, [...]


Theological Training: The Way Ahead? Although it is now some two years since the publication of the Bishop of Lincoln's report A Way Ahead focused attention on theological training with the recommendation that some theological colleges should be closed, it [...]


An Australian Perspective on Disestablishment When the Pilgrim Fathers landed in New England in 1620 the event was celebrated by prayer and bible reading. By contrast when Governor Phillip landed at Sydney Cove on January 26th, 1788, no religious observance [...]


A New Synod Takes Shape Gerry O'Brien asks some basic questions about the new synod. Will it be representative? Will it be compliant? And ...most important of all ... will it vote the cash? The General Synod elections are over. [...]

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